Monday, August 27, 2012

Nominated for a Liebster Award

First I'd like to thank one of my very best friends, Allison, from Keep Calm and Soldier On for even considering to nominate us for an award! Our blog is very new and is nowhere close to the 200 follower maximum, but we are honored that you thought of us for this award.

All nominees must answer the following questions written by Allison:

Questions For My Nominees:
1. When did you start your blog and why? What was your very first post (link to it)?
We just started blogging on July 26th, 2012. I started blogging because many of my friends and family had blogs, and I always enjoyed writing. I decided to blog about food because it's one of my biggest passions- both cooking and eating! Unfortunately, with last year's stresses of school and work (and trying to fit in going to the gym!) cooking seemed more of a chore and something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do. This summer's amazing experiences and the start up of the blog has helped me rediscover why I love cooking. Being able to share my passion with friends, family, others all over the world who love it too is really refreshing! My first post was not about a recipe because I was so darn excited to start posting after we picked a name and found a layout. Instead, I wrote about a food related product. You can read all about the delicious Frontera All Natural Guacamole Mix here!

2. What is one thing you like to brag about, about yourself?
I don't really like to brag, but I guess I start to unintentionally whenever I hear anyone singing. I feel as though my opinion counts more than anyone else's since I have a pretty good voice, and not a bad ear if I do say so myself. When watching American Idol, The Voice, or uhhh any movie where someone sings I can be obnoxious... so I try to avoid those singing-based reality shows. 

3. What is the best advice you've gotten?
Never go to bed angry. My mom told me this when I got engaged, and I have followed this advice. I make sure that my husband and I talk out any arguments that we are having before we go to bed so that we always say, "I love you" and kiss goodnight.

4. What is the best recipe you've ever tried?
This is a really, really hard one! We just enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight that I'm planning on sharing tomorrow, but as of right now I'm going to go with the most recent delicious creation that I have added to my blog which are the Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies. These were the most scrumptious cookie I have ever had, and they are my husband's favorite flavor combination!

5. What do you wish your parents had been more strict about when you were younger and why?
I wish they were more strict about leaving the house on time so that we weren't the last ones to arrive at every family party, late to our appointments, or almost miss our flights to Caribbean islands!

6. What was your favorite thing to play with growing up?
Hmm...I'm gonna go with Dream Phone. I have many a good memory of sitting around with these "hunky" 90's fabulous boys all over the game board, trying to find my Secret Admirer while holding a gigantic, pink, phone. At times, I will still quote the creepy lines those boys whispered in my ear such as, "He'll eat almost anything...except hot dogs".

7. What is your most vivid childhood holiday memory?
My most vivid childhood memory is organizing, and acting out our annual Christmas pageant with my cousins for our family. Being one of the oldest, my cousin Erin and I could boss around our younger cousins and siblings telling them who would be Joseph, Mary, the wise men, etc. My favorite memory was getting to be the donkey that carried Mary (my little sister) to Bethlehem. 
8. What is a "best kept secret" that you found out about?
On O'ahu, near the North Shore, there is a beach called Laniakea Beach, more commonly referred to as "Turtle Beach" hidden among surfing beaches and expensive properties like the Billabong house. It's a small beach without a parking lot, and when you walk down to the beach there are sea turtles that come into the shallow water to eat the algae off the rocks. It was me and my husband's first time seeing wild sea turtles and we were in awe! 

9. What is one thing on your bucket list you're worried you'll never get to do?
I would love to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, from either Alaska or Iceland. My husband is not too keen on going to either places, but it's a sight that I would love to see. After our wedding and honeymoon, currently looking for a house, and wanting children in the near future, my husband is concerned that we won't have much money for future vacationing! :[

10. What is the best item in your wardrobe?
Does my wedding dress count?! Umm... My students really love my alice & olivia white flats with black polka-dots! They always complement me when I wear them. Is this sad that I am thinking back to which outfits give me the most compliments from eleven-year-olds? A little. Oooh! My mom bought me a dark purple and beige maxi dress that I brought on the honeymoon. It is comfortable and forgiving and fancy! That's it!

11. What unique item do you always keep in your fridge?
I have pretty much given up on traditional dairy milk and have switched to Silk Coconut milk! It contains no dairy, has fewer calories, and is absolutely delicious in cereal!


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