Thursday, August 02, 2012

Savory Tip #1: Peeling Garlic

I learn a lot of tips from watching the Food Network 24/7. One of my favorite tips that saves me a lot of time is for peeling garlic.

I'm not sure which chef I heard this from first, but I use it every time. 

In a nutshell, instead of using your fingernails to peel the skin off the garlic (which can be very sticky) you use the flat of your blade and apply pressure to one side to essentially crush the garlic. This causes the skin pop off and makes mincing your garlic much easier. 

Chef Anne Burrell really SMASHES her garlic on her board, but then doesn't mince it and just sticks the mash into whatever she's making. I don't have the right equipment (or space) for that right now ;)

Here's a short clip of me peeling some garlic for you visual learners out there!


Hope you enjoyed this tip!

Stay Savory,


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