Friday, July 27, 2012

Product: Wilton Professional Cake Decorating Kit

Hi Sweethearts! Today I will be publishing my opinion on a kit I received over the holidays this year and have been loving ever since.

A little backstory- I had always just picked up a large plastic bag, filled it with icing and cut the tip off to frost my different baked treats- it worked -but was definitely not something that I was planning on partaking in forever. Just picking up an opaque white piping bag equipped with a gleaming silver tip gave me a feeling of excitement and professionalism that I was unable to experience prior.

Onto the product-
The kit is nicely organized, with a detachable top level divided into three sections. The bottom seems to me more of an endless pit than anything else after you have started using it-I find it easier to throw everything back in there after I am finished for a quicker cleanup- but I am sure if you are more meticulous than I am there would not be a problem.

Inside the kit:

  • Two disposable decorating bags
  • One 10 in. decorating bag
  • One 16 in. decorating bag
  • 6 Wilton Gel Food Colors in:  
             -Rose Petal
             -Royal Blue
             -Lemon Yellow
             -Golden Yellow
             -Kelly Green
  • 11 Wilton Professional Tips in #'s:
        -Cake Icer #789

        -#5 (2)
  • One rose pin in #9
  • 6 rubber bands
  • 2 couplers
  • One 16 oz. white decorator icing
  • Wilton icing knife
  • Tip Brush
  • Cake Decorating Guide

My Feelings: I think that that product is definitely well equipped for amateurs or working professionals, and the included guide makes it easy to learn how to utilize each product to its fullest potential. From my experience, the tips are easy to use to decorate and ice cakes as well as cupcakes(I have yet to venture into the realm of cookies and other baked treats). The tips and bags are easy to clean up as well.  My  one complaint is the food coloring-it does make beautiful, vibrant icing colors, but I want it on my cakes, not my hands!

Stay sweet, Candee


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