Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amusement Park Food

Hello Savory and Sweet-Hearts! Candee here to write a little Post about my day. An amusement park is an iconic part of the American Spirit (hey, people come from all over to visit Mickey and Minnie)so it is no surprise that with such a place there is an extended menu of cuisines to go along with it-the ever-famous fried, well, anything, collasol soft pretzel, and a big cup of coke to top it all off. While it is hard not to ask the question, "is this why our nation is in an obesity crisis?" could you imagine not having access to these foods at every turn? Although unhealthy, boy, are they good. Sweet and smooth powdered sugar, melting on your tongue, the smell reeling you in after and exhilarating ride on a coaster - is your mouth watering yet? Stay sweet, Candee

Disclaimer: Picture of fried oreos was taken by _fromaway_ on Flickr. Fried Bats photo is my own.
Note: The oreos pictured above (not my photo) actually came from the fried bats stand in my very own photo. The oreos were gone before I remembered to take a shot!


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