Sunday, September 09, 2012

Recipe to Reality: Nutella Cookies

Hi Sweethearts!

Today's post involves one of the most delicious ingredients ever- it is brown, usually imported from Italy, and has been featured in at least one of the majority of food bloggers' post's......

You guessed it! Nutella!! This is one of my favorite companions to pretzels, crackers, whole wheat toast, and more. I found this recipe on Laura Vitale's youtube channel and have made the cookies once before, which worked out great as well.

I personally had most of the ingredients in my house, except for the cacao powder, which I am glad I was able to add to my pantry since it is frequently featured in the recipes I have tried out.

The process is definitely standard procedure if you call yourself a seasoned baker like I think of myself, simply mixing the dry ingredients, creaming the butter, sugars, and adding the eggs. However, there were some changes I made to the recipe. For one, I substituted Nutella for my Jif Hazelnut Spread, and I honestly didn't find any difference in the taste of the cookies. (P.S. There is a significant amount of hazelnut spread used in this recipe, 1 cup, so make sure that you have a backup jar. I found myself with only a little bit of Jif left, and I started with a fairly full jar!) I also added a tiny splash of milk into the batter because I thought it looked a little dry, and I was happy to find  that I didn't throw off anything in the recipe. As for time in the oven, I would say for a perfectly chewy cookie, 11-13 minutes is the way to go.

When transferring the batter to the cookie sheets, I made each cookie with a medium amount of the batter. As you can see from the pictures, they definitely spread out! In the end, I was able to detach the cookies from each other with a knife, and there was no harm done. I even made a mistake and forgot to grease one pan, and the treats came off with only a little elbow grease!

The first time I made these cookies, I brought them to my grandparents house where I was meeting my cousins for the weekend. We used these cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, and they are great paired with vanilla ice cream. I totally recommend these cookies for any occasion, and like many of my featured Recipe to Reality posts, it is super easy to make in no time!

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